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Training Models
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Miracles have made many scaled Models both Scale Down and Up types even of Electrical Equipment like Switch Gears Models in Scale Down type and in Scale Up types a Milling Cutter Model with the holder for Taegutec Bangalore.
  • Training models are gaining importance of late.

  • Again these models are of Scale Down type.

  • Generally very Huge Size industry uses these models for varied purposes as in Thermal Power Plants, Atomic Industry etc.

  • Equipment in huge industries is spread about in large acreage of land and since new Entrant generally Engineers have to work under such situations need familiarization not only of the equipment but also of its geographical placement in the vast land of the Project.

In Thermal Power Plants Boilers of Huge sizes, Turbines involving many stages like HP, IP and LP, Generators and their coupling to the Prime Movers viz Turbines etc are to be exactly familiarized to their Staff and Engineers alike and also to know the sequentialising of the Operations involved.

Photos: one or two defence models like Radar mounted vehicles.

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