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Power Plant Models
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Power Plant Models are generally Miniaturized models of their Huge land coverage and are therefore Scale Down Type. They are used in Corporate Board Rooms for discussion, some times even before projects are under taken. or are partially executed The obvious interests are conceptualization
  • These models indicate clearly the layouts of the project and  give even topographical details of the entire land involved.

  • Models are used for familiarization of different equipment placements or their geographical occupation in the area to their Staff and new entrant Engineers alike. Besides they reveal operational sequence of different Units in the project.

  • Some times the models with cut section ones find usage in Employees training as well.

  • In Process industry like in Cement they reveal various equipment and storage facility existing and nature of equipment geography.

  • Miracle Team is very Apt to this kind of Models with their skill and abilities. Our team uses modern methods of Cad Drawings, Laser cuttings to retain exact geometry of the Structures involved etc.

  • Photos: Cement Plants, Thermal Power Stations

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