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Cut Section Models

Cut Section Models
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  • These models are generally used for training personnel. Strict accuracy & skill are required and miracle models have year of experience and the required skill for making these models.

  • Our technical team is very expert in this work & many of our cut section model have won acclaim from the customers.Theese models are used by very large industries & higher educational institution alike for training purposes.

  • Models are unique in that they reveal either 90 degree cross sectional details Or 180 degree ones under these conditions they are inherently fit to be working models more or less with least alteration.

  • These Models are generally used b y large industry like Thermal Power Stations and Other large Plants involving continuous Processing of Material or sequence og operations leading to ultimate achievement.

  • The models of this nature require utmost care both in their making and skill working apart from accuracy and sturdier Model Designs so that they withstand rigors of Strip-Assemble process repeatedly. In this case 180 degree Cut section is adopted that too horizontal only.

  • Some models of this nature the cut section model itself reveals so much that there is no scope left to of striping it any more .Cut section in this type is generally only 90 degrees and in these they reveal clearly their external shape and contours more or less.

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