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Architectural Models

Architectural Models
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Miracle Models is the frontrunner manufacturer and supplier of high precision architectural models in Bangalore. An architectural model is a model of a building or external space that is made at a small scale. This method is widely used to visualise the actual look of building or any structure before the construction.

It helps in properly planning the entire interior and exterior designing of the building at small scale. We are well known as specialised architectural models’ makers, which is the main reason that clients always prefer us as compared to other engineering and construction models’ manufacturers and suppliers.

Type of Architectural Models: The company is manufacturing and supplying different types of architectural models that includes Exterior/Interior Architecture, Commercial/Office Complexes, Factories, Condominium, Sports Complexes, Shopping Malls (with and without internal lighting), Mosque, Churches, Residential scheme layouts, Resorts.

Some Exceptional Model Designs

  • External models of buildings, which usually include some landscaping or civic spaces around the building.

  • Internal models such as halls and interior designs, showing finishes and colour schemes.

  • Landscaping design models, which may include buildings, pergolas, etc.

  • Large-scale landscape models such as those used at tourist exhibitions to explain the shape of the local scenery.

  • Town planning models, typically built at a much smaller scale, where each building is represented by a shaped block.

  • Engineering and construction models, showing how building components fit together.

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